IMG Models the World’s Best Modeling Agency Today 3 Reasons Why

With the increasing popularity of photography and videography thanks to apps like Instagram, the world is in need of more models than ever before today. Modeling used to be reserved for a tiny group of people who would collaborate with just a couple of agencies to get their finished products polished and sent out the door.

Today, however, models have their choice between multiple agencies headquartered in New York City and Los Angeles.

Despite the growing selection, there’s one modeling agency that continues to tear down barriers and set itself apart from the competition: IMG Models. With agency locations in New York, LA, Paris, London, Milan, and Sydney, IMG Models’ growing presence is hard to compete with.

Here are 3 reasons why critics argue IMG Models is the best modeling agency in the world today:

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1. Diversity:
Thanks to the agency’s worldwide foothold, IMG Models boasts an incredible selection of male and female talent that spans hundreds of cultures and ethnicities. The result is a melting pot of rich beauty and eye-catching collaborative opportunities every brand is chasing down today.

2. Balanced Talent:
A lot of agencies today have men and female modeling partnerships but tend to prioritize the female engagements and job pairings. IMG Models is equally comprised of high-quality female and male talent, making it a well-balanced agency that can supplement models for any kind of event.

3. Connections:
IMG Models delivers when it comes to high fashion brand editorials. From Marc Jacobs runway shows to Vogue Magazine, Elle Magazine features, IMG Models is able to connect its talent with the best gigs in the world today. Not many modeling agencies can compete with the natural partnerships interwoven in the IMG Modeling network.

Looking to expand even further, IMG Models is in the process of eyeing other city strongholds, as well as expanding their current offices. They are constantly seeking new, up-and-coming talent, and enable interested models to begin the application process online.

Since they only take the best-of-the-best, prepare your portfolio before contacting the agency.

IMG Models is definitely the best modeling agency in the world.