Top 20 Luxury Travel Bloggers

Luxury travel bloggers open our eyes to the world beyond our community, awaiting us with a new adventure, smells, sounds, and experiences. Thanks to social media and blogging platforms today, we’re able to taste an authentic piece of the travel pie through the top travel bloggers in the game.

Best Luxury Travel Blogs

If you’re someone that’s looking for some travel bloggers to follow and inspirations in the form of content, pictures, and videos, you should definitely know about the best luxury travel bloggers to follow dominating headlines and social media right now.

Zandra Rose – Instagram

A unique take on entrepreneurialism in a travel-centric setting, Zandra Rose offers up readers travel reviews, recommendations, and suggestions based on the findings of one 24-year-old solo female traveler. The blog does a great job of highlighting safety precautions for other solo women thinking of hitting the open road.

WhyShyMe – Instagram

WhyShyMe is one of the top Russian travel bloggers today that takes readers through the world of elegance, fashion, and fine dining around Europe.

Luxury Journey Trend – Instagram

Leading luxury travel blog & online magazine. Luxury Journey Trend offers travelers reviews and luxury lifestyle articles. They specialize in crafting content for individuals that have an exquisite taste for the good things in life, such as, expensive cars, private jets, fine arts, luxury hotels, unique dining experiences, and overall high-end services in the hospitality industry.

Adventurous Kate

A great solo female travel geared towards the young woman looking to take the world by storm, Adventurous Kate focuses on the world’s most elusive places and how to navigate them safely today. It’s a really interesting blog for young women looking to experience the world’s adventures first hand.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

As a global travel club with a million like-minded members in more than 100 countries, Mr. & Mrs. Smith offers a carefully curated selection of romantic hotels and mystical getaways that will help everyone plan the travel trip of a lifetime.

Luxury Journey Magazine

Learn about this year’s latest travel trends. Luxury Journey Magazine has the insight results for 2018 hottest tourism industry vacations spots, hotels, cruise lines, and airlines. Discover the new destinations for leisure travelers, millennials, and family holidays.

Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt, a New York Times Best-Selling Author, brings authenticity to the forefront of his blog. He knows how to reel in readers by offering up content from places that he personally visited and experienced. You won’t find any regurgitated descriptions from this veteran.

Just Luxe

Just Luxe has been in the game for 13-years to date and is so established that they have a corporate headquarter in San Diego, California. This is a great travel blog for the affluent consumer looking to experience the luxurious lifestyle of indulgence and shopping on all travel excursions.

Luxury Hotels Online

Discover today’s Resorts and Luxury hotels, the latest travel trends,  luxury vacations. 2018 is shaping the luxury travel market with personalized luxury vacation experience, VIP access to luxury hotels, and the ultimate tour upgrades.

World of Wanderlust

Owned and operated by Brooke Saward, World of Wanderlust does a great job of covering not only travel tips and tricks, but also DIY projects, recipes, and other motivational projects that just make you feel plain good. If there’s one word for this blog, it’s: inspiring.

The Travel Hack

A British-owned blog, the Travel Hack follows the life of one adventurous lad who began his worldwide travels alone back in 2009. The Travel Hack is about hacking some of the most debilitating travel myths, starting with expensiveness. This blog shows you how with a full-time job and a limited budget, traveling can be on your agenda, too.

Global Grasshopper

An award-winning UK blog and resource for independent travelers, Global Grasshopper prides itself on sharing the secrets of the world’s most unique, and under-the-radar beautiful places hidden from us today.

Beauty Blog Girls

Leading fashion beauty blog and a true luxury travel blogger. Beauty Blog Girls is a New York travel blogger to loves to discover the world in the best luxury hotels. For hotel reviews and best in beauty blog girls.

Never Ending Voyage

The Never Ending Voyage is a couple-owned digital nomad travel blog that follows the life of two adventurous people who sold everything to travel the world together. Along the way, they teach of ways to create a sustainable income that is conducive to nonstop exploration.

Alex in Wanderland

Following the life of one adventurer born and raised in New York, Alex in Wanderland is a simple travel blog that charters the nonstop traveling of one person intent on exploring every corner of the globe. This blog is packed with travel information.

Love and Road

Two Brazilians in one joyous union who quit their jobs and set out on the open road, Love and Road is about just that: pure, unfathomable love and the desire to experience one another out on the world’s open road. Now based in Dublin, the couple recounts how it’s all possible today.

Nomad is Beautiful

Travel writers, photographers, and videographers, Ivana and Gianna are the founders behind Nomad is Beautiful. Having quit their jobs in 2013, the two recount their journeys and share with readers the places where they can replenish their spirit, take care of their body, and eat the most delicious of cuisine.

A Little Adrift

Designed to inspire and motivate others to get out there and go make their own travel dream a reality, A Little Adrift focuses on slow, local level grassroots travel, as well as connecting to cultures through food and service.

Divergent Travelers

A wanderlust couple that has managed to travel for 13-years while maintaining full-time jobs, this is a travel blog for those looking to have it all in life, including the corporate job and the lofty travel budget.

BaldHiker Life

A more nature-centric travel blog, BaldHiker life goes through everything needed to enjoy the unadulterated beauty of the planet, whether you’re alone or with three friends.

Gather your inspiration from some of the world’s most inspiring travel blogs today! Check out these blogs and make the change.

20 Best Luxury Travel Bloggers on Social Media

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